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Bibby Pro


When the Governor took office in Josh's quiver, our focus shifted to redesigning Moment's most popular ski. After extensive testing, we modified the rocker profile, the sidecut, and the dimensions. The result is a wider, more powder-oriented and playful Bibby, but one that's still capable of putting down a quick hardpack turn. Lighter materials and improved construction techniques maintain a low swing weight, while flatter Mustache Rocker improves its surfy nature and a marginally tighter radius keeps the Bibby incredibly nimble and versatile in every length.

Product Specifications

Size 176. cm 186. cm 192. cm
Tip Waist Tailmm 145-120-136 145-120-136 145-120-136
SideCut m 20 23.5 25.5
Surface mm 1420 1520 1580
Tip Tail Rise mm 65/65 65/65 65/65
Weight lbs/kgs 9.4/4.26 10/4.54 10.5/4.76

Flex Pattern