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The park and urban environment deals out cracked edges and blown sidewalls on a daily basis, not to mention injuries caused by catching rail burrs and wood splinters. The Frankenski is the answer to this dilemma. By countersinking the steel edge into the sidewall and applying our sintered Durasurf 4001 material across the entire base, we have created a ski that absorbs hard impacts and slides over imperfect surfaces without catching, yet still offers surprisingly functional turn control on the snow. Our riders have tested it and given it the thumbs-up across the board. If you want smoother sliding, fewer busted edges, and increased confidence on rails, boxes, and wall rides, the Frankenski is your invitation to the monster mash.

Product Specifications

Size 168. cm 178. cm
Tip Waist Tailmm 114-92-114 114-92-114
SideCut m 18.5 21
Surface mm 1360 1460
Tip Tail Rise mm 45/45 45/45
Weight lbs/kgs 7/3.18 7.7/3.49

Flex Pattern