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PB & J


In the east, you might call it your pow ski. Out west, it'll rip early-season groomers and hit the park while you wait for the big one. In fact, you can bring the PB&J almost anywhere and be stoked in most conditions, thanks to its mid-fat dimensions and playful Mustache Rocker profile. Our handmade layup process makes it strong, and an aspen/pine core keeps it light and poppy. We've said many times that we don't believe in one-ski quivers, but if you want to pretend that one pair is all you need, the PB&J will play along convincingly.

Product Specifications

Size 162. cm 172. cm 182. cm 188. cm
Tip Waist Tailmm 129-101-121 129-101-121 129-101-121 129-101-121
SideCut m 16 18 21 23
Surface mm 1300 1400 1500 1560
Tip Tail Rise mm 55/55 55/55 55/55 55/55
Weight lbs/kgs 7.1/3.22 7.8/3.54 8.4/3.81 9/4.08

Flex Pattern