Level 1 - Pleasure Premiere at Moment Skis on 9/23 August 16 2016

The days are getting shorter and the heat is finally starting to die off. Before it actually snows we are here to get you stoked for the winter. Come by the Moment factory on Friday September 23rd for our annual screening of the new Level 1 Productions movie, Pleasure.

When: 9/23 - 8:00PM
Cost: $5 at the door goes to local non-profit The Holland Project

Where: Moment Skis
1060 Marietta Way
Sparks, NV 89431

Beer: FREE

Food: Nomeats Food Truck

It feels good. Slamming into concrete walls, risking the backcountry unknown, being broke on the road… Some would call it hedonistic behavior, we call it living the dream, and this cast of characters delivers a vibrant depiction of this so-called sport of skiing. With a local tourist mentality, the simple joys are found near and far. From India, Switzerland and Japan, to British Columbia, Washington DC, and Alaska, it’s business in the front, party in the back, and no one is phoning it in. Level 1 continues to surprise with another must watch ski film in a lineage of classics, for your viewing PLEASURE.