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Sit the Tahoe down at the training table, and you get the Belafonte: a fatter version of our hardpack hustler and the favorite of those who believe faster is better, no matter how much it snowed last night. Several generations ago, this was a hard-charging experts-only ski. However, thanks to Triple Camber Technology, the new Belafonte has turned from a track-day special into one of those turbo all-wheel-drive wagons: versatile, predictable, and easy to drive, but nevertheless ready to blow the doors off anyone who pulls up next to you.


Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
168cm 133 106 122 20.0m 1378mm 8.15lbs / 3.70kg -9cm
178cm 133 106 122 23.5m 1478mm 9.10lbs / 4.13kg -9cm
186cm 133 106 122 25.5m 1558mm 9.45lbs / 4.29kg -9cm
194cm 133 106 122 27.5m 1638mm 10.30lbs / 4.67kg -9cm

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