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From Blister:

By now it is well established that the Bibby is one of our all-time favorite skis. Some of us love the 184 cm model, some of us love the 190 cm model. But a bunch of us at Blister — and a lot of our friends — and many of our readers — tend to say things about the Bibby like, “Best. Ski. Ever.”


Because the Bibby has the best combination of Stability and Playfulness of any ski we’ve ever been on. We get on a ton of skis each year, and there are a lot of good ones out there. But we can still say that no ski we’ve ridden strikes quite this balance — while also having a massive sweet spot. In short, this is a reference ski for us, and it has been since we started Blister.

And as we said last year, as the trends in the ski industry are to make skis lighter and lighter (and lighter and lighter and lighter. Dear Lord), this ski is beginning to feel more and more stable by comparison. The 184 cm Blister Pro is a playful ski that can still charge. The 190 cm Blister Pro is more of a charger that — on the feet of a strong skier — can still play. So if you're unsure about which size to go with, check out 
our review of the ski, and pay attention to the feedback from readers in the Comments Section.

Each year we work with Luke Jacobson at Moment to dial in the graphics. But we loved last year's graphic so much that we weren't ready to retire it. So we said to Luke, "Screw it. Let's bring it back." So we are bringing it back, and seriously, you need to see these things in person.

We’re still proud to have played a role in bringing this ski back. And if we didn’t still think that it is an extremely special ski, it wouldn’t still have our name on it.

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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
184cm 141 116 131 25.0m 1500mm 9.45lbs / 4.28kg -6cm
190cm 143 118 133 27.0m 1560mm 10.15lbs / 4.60kg -6cm