$ 538.30 $ 769.00

We wouldn’t call the Exit World a randonée ski, because that conjures up images of Lycra bros in one-buckle boots. What it is, is our attempt to make touring for powder as fun as a free cat ride without tearing your legs off on the way back up. Can it compete on the scales with computerized, nanotube-injected turbo-Euro tour skis? Nope. But does it ski better? Hell yep, thanks to a flat midsection, tons of rocker, tons of float, and Triple Camber grip for the shrubby return to your truck. And when you put a shark fin through the base after stomping a 35-footer in the Tetons, you can repair it instead of watching your skis turn into a $1200 pile of carbon dust. Just sayin’.


Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
178cm 135 118 130 24.0m 1298mm 8.30lbs / 3.76kg 94cm from tip
186cm 135 118 130 27.5m 1378mm 8.80lbs / 3.99kg 98cm from tip
194cm 135 118 130 31.0m 1458mm 9.30lbs / 4.21kg 102cm from tip