G3 Ion

Brake Width
  • The most intuitive, reliable and powerful lightweight touring binding. Period.

    Since its rookie season G3's ION alpine touring binding has collected 3+ prestigious Editor's choice awards each season and spawned a whole series of lightweight tech bindings including the ION 10 and lighter ION LT 12. Coveted by skiers around the globe, the ION's feature set and performance has earned a loyal following from seasoned mountain guides to resort freeriders looking to go deeper beyond the boundary lines. Easy, confident step-in sets the tone of the day so you can put your gear in the back of your mind and focus on what really matters - your ski objective. Forward pressure and optimal energy absorption provide a smooth, reliable ride that aggressive skiers have been begging for in the backcountry.

    Simply put, it’s the highest performing, most user friendly and most reliable lightweight tech binding you could ask for. Power up, then charge the descent.A binding can be light and simple for the hike up, but none of that matters if you can’t ski it the way you want. The ZED truly stands confident in a league of its own with all the power and performance of a much heavier modern touring binding, but packs it into a super light and simple package.

  • Brake Options 100mm, 115mm
    Release Range 5-12
    Weight (1/2 pair) 585g
    Boot Compatability Alpine Touring, Low Tech
    Elasticity (Toe/Heel) Active Forward Pressure Only
    Stack Height (Toe/Heel) 40.5mm/51.5mm
    Ramp/Delta 11mm


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