Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Climbing Skins

$ 209.95

Size 140mm - SMALL (155-170cm) 140mm - MEDIUM (165-180cm) 140MM - LARGE (175-190cm) 140mm - X-LARGE (185-200cm)

The Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Climbing Skins strike a healthy balance between grip and glide capabilities. This skin does so with the silky glide of mohair and durable grip of nylon. These skins resist tangling and twisting, dry quickly, and cling to steep skintracks with dynamic tenacity. Glide technology reduces friction on each fiber so even sticky snow doesn't stick and slow them down. Ever Dry technology resists weight-adding moisture to keep the skins light and fast. The Back Fix attachment features a simple strap at the tip and an easily adjustable tail strap with plastic hook.


  • Small - 155-170cm
  • Medium - 165-180cm
  • Large - 175-190cm
  • X-Large - 185-200cm