Warbird 108

$ 749.00

Size 162CM 174CM 184CM 190CM
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The Wildcat 108 is perfect for anyone seeking a bit less beef than the O.G. Wildcat is packing. We designed it to deliver the goods wherever winter storms arrive on a less consistent basis—or not at all. But after a season of testing, we’re confident this little kitty will end up going home with as many current Wildcat owners as new parents—probably more, because it’s just that good.
Putting a fat cat on a diet is not as simple as trimming a centimeter out of the middle. We left the profile identical, tweaked the sidecut and added damper core to ensure it delivers the same playful, confidence-inspiring ride as its older brother. We’re smitten with the results, and a 2019 Skiers’ Choice award from Powder proves we aren’t alone. This could be the birth of a new cult classic, so feel free to pat yourselves on the back. It’s your cult, after all.


Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
174cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 19.0m 1400mm 8.30lbs / 3.77kg -6cm
184cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 22.0m 1500mm 8.70lbs / 3.95kg -6cm
190cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 25.0m 1560mm 9.08lbs / 4.12kg -6cm

Mustache Rocker

Rocker at the tip and tail and camber underfoot allows for incredible float and maneuverability in the trees and chutes while maintaining a significant amount of edge hold for both the icy runouts and the groomers.


Full length, knot free, in house laminated wood core gives this ski its unique blend of liveliness and dampening. All wood sourced in the USA.
The strongest and most durable sidewall material on the market ensures you have the best edge hold available while ripping the piste.
A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber helps give this ski its torsional rigidity along with added longitudinal pop.
Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes.
There are only handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source in Europe to offer the best edge possible. We do additional heat treating and bonding prep in house to make sure your edge stays sharper, lasts longer and can handle a beating.

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Keith C.
United States United States

Fun but damp and you can drive it

I just picked up a new pair but I was fortunate enough to be able to put a couple hundred thousand feet of vertical on a demo pair at snowbird in the spring. didn't get them out on a powder day but just about every other condition. my other resort skis are 187 brahma, 187 bonafide, 189 Dynastar proto factory, 192 rustler 11 so skis that are more directional in nature with weights that are in the heavier end of spectrum. typically anything with the rocker profile of the cat 108 and mount point feels short, i'm 6'4, you can't pressure the tips, and you don't get edge hold on firm, and without metal and weight there really isn't a damp feel to the ski. the cat 108 is the exception on all counts. doesn't feel short at all, at 190 actually feels like a lot of ski that's pretty easy overall, you can pressure the tips and they respond, good edge hold in firmer conditions, damp (and really damp for it's weight) and fun but can be pushed really hard. i put so much time on he demo because i just didn't want to give it back and ski my other skis. i gave it back at one point, then borrowed it again when i spent the say wishing i was skiing the cat. at least with the 190, i don't think guys used to skiing more directional damp skis would be disappointed at all.

Josh G.
New Zealand

I like!

Very nice!

Benjamin J.
United States

Exactly what I was hoping for

I've owned 2 pairs of Moments and skied my friends Blister Pros before, and always thought "I wish the made a skinnier version, I would use those every day." As soon as I saw the Wildcat 108 was available I had to pull the trigger. These sticks are everything you are hoping they would be: a stout platform to stand on yet nimble, easy to toss around I'm bumps, snappy edge to edge and damp and stable on run outs. I am 6'1" and 185 lbs and the 190 cm is the perfect ski for me! Actual weight was 2039g and 2066g per ski, as a data point for those who care.

Brad B.
United States

Yet to be seen

I’m skiing the moment bibby and deathwish. The bibby is hands down the best ski I have ever owned. Tonight, I will have the wildcats mounted up with NTN freeride bindings and I’ll be hitting Telluride on them next week. I have high expectations and anticipate another great ski