Look Pivot 18

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Size 95mm Brake 115mm Brake 130mm Brake

The binding of choice for the world's most committed skiers; the PIVOT is the most trusted and reliable in skiing. The classic "turntable" design with 7 points-of-contact maximizes coupling strength for instant power transmission, precision, and ski control and offers the most effective shock absorption for confident retention and release. Compatible with ALPINE boot soles.


Why Look?

At Moment we sell what we believe in and most of us here swear by the Look Pivot for a few reasons.

First, the Look Pivot is far and away the flattest binding on the market, meaning you stand nearly flat on the ski instead of having your heel dramatically raised as with many other bindings. This allows for a more upright more modern skiing style which favors progressive (forward) mount points and rockered skis.

Second, the Pivot is the lowest binding on the market, placing your boot closer to the ski so you get more feedback and more ski feel. This especially makes a difference when you are on a wider ski and are skiing the base more often than just railing from one edge to another.

Third, the Pivot has the smallest dead spot of any binding because the heel piece mounts completely underneath the heel of your boot. No huge bulky adjustment track that causes a deadspot under your heel and prevents the ski from flexing as well as it could. Giving you better performance in bumps, tight spaces and when you’re flexin’ to the moon spreadin’ butter everywhere.

Fourth, they’re bomber and they just work. No fancy bells and whistles to break and a mostly metal construction makes them durable as all get out. Simplicity is best when you’re going to put your gear through the wringer and we’re huge fans of that. There’s a reason this design has stayed very much the same for decades, it just works.

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Gavin P.
United States United States
Sick Bindings,Sick Days

Great product and shipped fast. I like things fast...

Cameron S.
United States United States
Guess what

Nothin. P.S. Gasses is cute

Brandon B.
Best of the Best

Quite pleasurable going in and out of them! I can’t wait to use them again!