While ski companies continue to get bought out, traded around, moved overseas, switched up, and thrown for a loop, we’re still here at the Moment factory doing what we do best: building handmade skis for all the ups and downs the mountains throw your way. We’re making improvements that help us manufacture better skis faster and more efficiently than ever before, because we want you out there skiing, not staring at a FedEx tracking number and dreaming of faceshots.

There’s a dedicated crew of die-hard guys and gals helping us introduce new models, update existing favorites, and perfect the art of building skis by hand. New building techniques, new materials, and new machines—including a fully automated, two-and-a-half-ton Wintersteiger Discovery grinding behemoth—mean we’re prepared to launch into next season with a lineup worthy of being cast in gold and displayed at the Louvre. And speaking of gold, we’re more than a little proud to have shared the top podium spot with Reno’s own David Wise, who won the gold medal in Men’s Halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics on a pair of Moments.

In typical Moment fashion [all black, baby!], we won’t stop improving what we do and how we do it. We stay late tweaking dimensions, core profiles, shapes, camber profiles, press tooling, and grinding patterns, all to ensure you have the most fun possible. Whether you’re out there bootpacking up and billy-goating down couloirs, laying trenches on the groomers, airing into the Fingers, chin-checking the bumps, slaying the park, or just cruising with the next generation of little rippers, we’ve built a ski for you. And for all you out there wondering if all the hard work is worth it, well...there's no business like snow business.