While ski companies continue to get bought out, traded, moved around, switched up and thrown for a loop, we’re still here at Moment doing what we do best, building killer skis for all the ups and downs that the mountain throws at you. We started the year off by producing skis faster and more efficiently than ever before, because we want you out there skiing, not constantly checking the FedEx tracking number wondering if you’ll ever get those face shots you’ve been dreaming of. And while the snow in Tahoe has been pretty absent, we’re not slowing down.

With the introduction of new models, updates to existing favorites and a crew of guys and gals all dedicated to perfecting the art of ski building, 2018/19 is shaping up to be our best season yet. New building techniques, new materials and new machines, including our fully automated half-million dollar grinding behemoth The Discovery [woot woot!], we’re prepared to launch into next season with a lineup worthy of being cast in gold and displayed at the Louvre.

In typical Moment fashion [all black baby], we won’t stop improving our skis. We’re constantly staying late, tweaking dimensions, flex profiles, shapes, cambers, tooling and grinding patterns to ensure you have the most fun possible while out on the mountain. Whether you’re into dropping 30 foot cliffs, laying trenches on the groomers, sneaking through tight trees, slaying the park or cruising with the little ones, we’ve got a ski for you. And for all you out there wondering if all the hard work is worth it...well...there's no business like snow business.