It’s an exciting time to be the biggest little ski company. We’ve had a big year. But we don’t want to anger the gods of fortune, so let’s make it clear: we’re incredibly grateful, and we’re seizing this opportunity to do some cool stuff for you in return. Everything below is part of our mission to give you a great experience and keep the beacon lit for skiers around the world.
First, we’ve opened a full-fledged shop right here in the Moment factory, so you can get ski’d up from the feet up—skis, boots, bindings, outerwear, and all the trimmings—while the smell of fresh sawdust and hot resin invades your nostrils. We support other local brands, carry tried and true gear we use ourselves, and offer custom bootfitting from shell work to footbeds. Just don’t call it a boutique, or we’ll send the interns to hunt you down (and they haven’t had their shots).
You’ll also notice some changes to the lineup. We thought about what you’ve been telling us in reviews and forums, and since the request we heard most often was to fill some gaps in our collections, that’s what we did.
Love to ski fast facing forward? There are now four Commanders waiting for you, whether you need a 98-millimeter ripper or a 124-millimeter shred zeppelin. Love Mustache Rocker rides? You can hop on the new and improved PB&J, catch Wildcat fever in its original fat-cat width, or split the difference with a new kitty: the Wildcat 108. If you love Triple Camber but you live for the skin track, you’ll be stoked on the new Deathwish Tour, now full size. And ladies, we didn’t forget about you: The Bella is back with a revised design and the return of Mustache Rocker, and a 152-centimeter Hot Mess gives our women’s cord carver a more appropriate size run that includes smaller skiers.
Lastly, we pulled out the abacus and made some calculations that we think will significantly boost our production without putting a heavier workload on our awesome build team. We’re investing in more and better customer service to make sure there’s always someone here to answer your questions. The great winter conditions caught us off guard to the point that we weren’t able to keep up with demand, and we never want that to happen again.