• The special recipe for the Chipotle Banana is equal parts surfy fun and high-octane insanity, and it has enough spice to leave your mouth burning for days on end. Built by Carston Oliver for Carston Oliver, the Banana features Radius Rocker and an oversized 122mm waist that gives it freakish float and pivot-on-a-dime handling in powder. And in fact, it’s an easy ski for anyone to ski when the conditions are good. But if you’re thinking, “big soft pow noodle,” think again—the grandfather of the Meridian is as tough as a coffin nail and twice as stiff, and it was made for getting loose, fast, and loud. So, while you can take the Chipotle Banana as slow and easy as you please, you won’t find out what it can really do until you push it to the limit. And we’re willing to bet you’ll find your own before that.
  • Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
    186cm 139mm 122mm 134mm 33.0m 1417mm 9.25 lbs / 4.20 kg -5cm
    193cm 139mm 122mm 134mm 35.5m 1517mm 10.35 lbs / 4.69 kg -5cm
    Full length, knot free, in house laminated wood core gives this ski its unique blend of liveliness and dampening. All wood sourced in the USA.
    The strongest and most durable sidewall material on the market ensures you have the best edge hold available while ripping the piste.
    A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber helps give this ski its torsional rigidity along with added longitudinal pop.
    Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes.
    2.2 EURO EDGE
    There are only handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source in Europe to offer the best edge possible. We do additional heat treating and bonding prep in house to make sure your edge stays sharper, lasts longer and can handle a beating./li>

Full Rocker

Turns out full rocker is good—super good—for way more than big dumps and buttering into cliff drops. Full rocker gives you agility and reactivity to play anywhere and turn on a dime, be that snaking bump lines, losing your friends in the trees or rippin' 'roy.

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