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Size 174CM 184CM 190CM
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The Wildcat slashes, blasts, carves, rips through and floats over everything the mountain throws at you. It wraps everything you loved about the legendary Bibby into a new package and ties the bow with stronger, lighter, and tighter construction—the natural evolution of tucking almost another decade of experience under our belts. Mustache Rocker allows for incredible float and maneuverability in tight trees and chutes, while a long effective edge and stiff profile provide crud-busting, corduroy-carving prowess that’ll make your friends on traditional all-mountain skis jealous. It’s our legacy, but it’s your ticket. Get on the cat or get left behind.


Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
174cm 141mm 116mm 131mm 21.0m 1400mm 7.97lbs / 3.61kg -6cm
184cm 141mm 116mm 131mm 25.0m 1500mm 8.96lbs / 4.06kg -6cm
190cm 143mm 118mm 133mm 27.0m 1560mm 9.41lbs / 4.26kg -6cm

Mustache Rocker

Rocker at the tip and tail and camber underfoot allows for incredible float and maneuverability in the trees and chutes while maintaining a significant amount of edge hold for both the icy runouts and the groomers.


Full length, knot free, in house laminated wood core gives this ski its unique blend of liveliness and dampening. All wood sourced in the USA.
The strongest and most durable sidewall material on the market ensures you have the best edge hold available while ripping the piste.
A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber helps give this ski its torsional rigidity along with added longitudinal pop.
Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes.
There are only handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source in Europe to offer the best edge possible. We do additional heat treating and bonding prep in house to make sure your edge stays sharper, lasts longer and can handle a beating.
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A Moment Skis Customer
Jacob P.
United States United States
Balanced, versatile (for width) ski that can be troublesome with a forward stance.

Let me start by saying I’ve been loving these skis—massive improvement over my status quo. They can crush just about any line. Although they aren’t exactly ‘damp’, they’ll get you through the chop after a big hit. Who needs to stop anyway? They have excellent air balance and are responsive enough for tighter trees—as long as you stay on your toes and jump a few roots. Again, who needs to stop? Steeper, choppy, deep moguls aren’t these skis sweet spot, but nor should they be. Picking the length was tricky. I’m 6’ and 155lbs. I was on the fence. I knew I wanted something relatively long and stable, but I didn’t want moguls and trees to feel like unnecessary work. So I went with the 184s. There’s always some variance in actual ski length, and mine came in at about 182-183. Eek, I was hoping for longer. I still went with the recommended mount point and have found myself getting pitched forward in steep, deep, or choppy moguls and on big/soft landings. Lower angle and smooth/corn moguls have been solid. I find the standard mount and 184 length good for packed or corn moguls and smaller hits—basically resolution bowl lift line. Using my body type as reference, I would definitely recommend upsizing if your focus is on bowl crushing and mounting -1 or -2 if you want to send in the shorter length.

Andrew H.
United States United States
Do-it-all Powder Shredder

I’ve been on many skis designed for the soft snow. As my home mountains are the Wasatch, we take powder over here as a way of life. That being said, these skis were made for this. I was always a big fan of full-rockered skis for deep days, but the cats changed my mind. I could slash as easily with the cats as I could with my rockered skis. They float just as well, too. The part that sold me on these was how PLAYFUL they are. The tails gave me a pop that no other powder ski gave me when skiing in the deep. I felt like a rabbit bouncing in and out of the snow and off of the ground. I had so much fun with these and couldn’t believe how nimble they were as well. For reference, I’m 6’1 195 and went with the 190’s.

Brendan K.
United States United States
Favorite skis

They replaced my og sir Francis bacons and they rip. I can do all the same butter tricks, but the added stiffness and longer turn radius makes them much more capable at big lines, chop, and general charging. Super playful in powder as well, and light enough to tour with if you want.

Brad S.
United States United States
One awesome ski

Waiting for a Pow day but on the groomers fantastic

Andrew G.
Canada Canada

I’m 5’9 and about 165 lbs. Bought a pair of 174 cm Wildcats for a heli trip run by Eagle Pass in Revelstoke, BC. Rolled the dice and ran them one time at Apex two days before heli. I had researched about 40 skis before deciding on these. Here are my impressions. These skis are absurdly fun. The width just below the tips is perfect for making sure you stay on top of the deep pow, but the taper and twin tip design lets you slash and turn effortlessly in shallow or deep snow. They’re ridiculously snappy in both tip and tail as you rip through tight trees typical of BC back country skiing. They have a nice pop off jumps and smooth landings because they’re just stiff enough and yet playful. In open bowls, you can literally do anything with extreme confidence. Smooth arcing turns or tight quick snaps. Think about it and the skis just do it. Notice the lack of technical terminology here. I’ve never done a ski review but love what Moment is about so felt compelled to share. Slash, float, carve, pop, whatever. Chutes, trees, steep pitches, open bowls, etc. I thought I could just do whatever I wanted with these skis. One of the guides Is a huge Moment fan but couldn’t run them as the rental fleet because some of their clients aren’t strong enough skiers for a stiffer line of skis and needed something more forgiving with an absurd camber profile. So I wouldn’t call these beginner skis per se. Sure, ride them if you are starting out but want to improve, and want something you can grow with skill wise. But for anyone who is advanced or above, I can’t think of a better powder ski. I would not run these as an all mountain resort ski personally, as I see these as powder specialists but I did ski them at Apex in heavy pow and crud and a groomer or two, and they did great. So if you want a one ski quiver and powder is the primary use case, these skis are fantastic. For deep pow, they’re legendary. Just a complete riot to ski. Cannot possibly say enough. Also doesn’t hurt that the brand is not your typical mass market corporate type. Gotta love the artisanal smaller brands where hard core skiers are designing and building an extraordinarily high quality, hand built product. I personally love that about Moment Skis.