Schedule A Bootfit

Our factory store offers a fully comprehensive boot fitting program. Whether you're looking for new boots, footbeds, enhancement / modifications to your existing boots, or a diagnostic to address specific issues, we've got you covered.

We carry a variety of brands including Atomic, Salomon, Lange, Tecnica, Dalbello, Kastle, and Dynafit, and offer a full range of resort-specific, crossover-capable, and touring-specific boots. If we don't have what's best for your needs we'll special order for you, or point you in the right direction and you can return to have them fit.

Pricing Structure For Bootfit Appointments:

  • Boots purchased at Moment waive all fees for the life of the boot - consultation, adjustments and modifications are included in the price of the boot
  • Boot Consultation $100 - includes measurements, expertise, discussion and recommendations for which boots are best for you
  • Boot Adjustments $100 - includes everything above plus liner / shell heat molding, buckle / strap adjustments and foam / volume adjustments
  • Boot Modifications $200 - includes everything above plus shell punches / grinds, permanent modifications and aftermarket part installation

Pricing is discretionary and will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. Pricing can be a la carte in addition to the price of consultation or inclusive for all work done during the appointment. Anything beyond the base consultation fee will be discussed before any work is performed. We will always be upfront about costs and work with you to get the proper work done in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Bootfitting appointments last 1-2 hours. Please arrive on time, wearing your thinnest ski socks and pants which can easily be rolled to the knee (3/4 length leggings are acceptable, full-length leggings should be avoided). Please bring any skis that will need to be adjusted to your new boots.