Agile. Stable. Quick. Planted. Surfy. Carvable. The Deathwish series is all of these—a living contradiction to normal ski convention. Supreme edge hold and unparalleled suspension in such a playful platform. Who says you can’t have it all?


Redefine your limits, then tear down the walls again. From pillow lines to park laps, the Wildcat series makes it all possible. Twin tips, deep rocker lines. Slash, surf and play to your heart’s content.


Directional profiles, longer effective edges, and metal. So much metal. All perfect for driving hard and fast down the fall line with powerful edge hold, maximum edge-to-edge quickness, and unmatched composure at speed. When the pedal’s all the way to the floor, it just keeps on giving.

Men's Tour

Lightened for the uphill, the same driving power you’ve come to expect on the down, in all the shapes you’ve fallen in love with. Work smarter, play harder. The tour collection is here to make earnin’ those turns a bit less painful.


Designed under strict oversight from the most intelligent individuals we know. That’s right—the women are smarter. Didn’t you know?

Women's Tour

The same shapes you’ve fallen in love with, lightened for the uphill so you can go farther, climb higher and have plenty in the tank to show ‘em what's what on the way down.


Extra dampeners, added reinforcement and fully symmetrical geometry, perfect for dialing in a new rotation on a freshly shaped lip, slamming into urban concrete or lacing that front swap on the backyard tube setup. The park series is here for it.


Rubber bones, no fear, everything to prove and nothing to lose. Oh, to be young again.


Lunatic fringe, we know you’re out there. Limited-release skis for specialty clients, fans of past designs, and those with backstage passes to the laser future party.