Ashburn Poles

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We get it. You all really want anything and everything with the old logo. Funny, how everyone wants things changed, the new latest and greatest, then begs and pleads for resurrections of the tried and true once when we accommodate. Figures.

Well in this case you can have your cake and eat it too. Classic logo, classic artwork, classic design, new pole.

Adjustability might be nice but nothing beats full-metal construction and no moving parts.

The Ashburn pole is made from 7075 aluminum and features an ergonomic hard wearing rubber grip, carbide tips, snap on baskets, and an adjustable strap.

Extra points if you know what ski this artwork is from.
  • Material 7075 Aluminum
    Adjustability Fixed length
    Handle Ergonomic grip, adjustable strap
    Pokey End Carbide tip, snap on baskets
    Origin Made in Austria

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