Chipotle Blades

  • Have you always wanted to be the best skier on the mountain? Is the only thing holding you back the right training equipment? Don't worry, we have you covered. The Frankenblades measure in at 99 centimeters of pure fury, and they will help you build your quads to Lindsey Vonn proportions. The solid bamboo core accepts real alpine bindings, so you can mount up a pair with Pivot 18s for huckin’ your meat or some ultra-light titanium tech bindings for your next rando-race. The Frankenblades also make the mountain twice as big, so every lap counts as double on your vertical feet tracker. Don't wait for the après. Be the après.
  • Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
    99cm 116mm 99mm 116mm 9.7m 790mm 4.20lbs / 1.90kg Center
  • Construction

    Thick enough for real bindings and strong enough for somersaults.
    The best looking sidewall material on the market ensures you come out on top of the costume contest.
    The fastest and most durable base on the market to ensure that you CAN ski over that 200 yards of dirt and rocks.
    2.2 EURO EDGE
    Sharp enough to cut your Thanksgiving turkey.

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