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Most companies figure it’s fine to put a young gun on a foam-cored imitation of a real ski, because who cares about quality if they’re going to outgrow it in a year anyway, right? Well, we don’t do that. The Carson is a mid-fat, Mustache Rocker kid’s twin, built to the same exact standards as our adult skis, with hand-laid construction, a custom-profiled full wood core, full damping perimeter, and beefy edges that can take a beating. This way, when Junior or Janeior grows out of his or her pair, they’ll still have plenty of life left for little bro, little sis, or the swap meet at the rec center.



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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
121cm 109 80 100 9m 1010mm 3lbs -4cm
136cm 112 83 103 12m 1080mm 3.5lbs -4cm
152cm 114 85 105 13m 1140mm 4.5lbs -5cm

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