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Size 171CM 181CM 187CM
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The Meridian is a riddle. It’s absurdly forgiving, yet fully capable of charging hard. It’s fully rockered, but has the longest effective edge of any Moment ski. It carves like the prime rib station on a Sunday brunch buffet, pivots quicker than a press secretary, and sends like a late night text to your ex—all too easily. It has weird tips. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense. But when you ski it, it somehow makes perfect sense. And that’s what counts.


Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
171cm 137mm 107mm 127mm 18.0m 1417mm 7.80lbs / 3.54kg -5cm
181cm 137mm 107mm 127mm 21.0m 1517mm 8.75lbs / 3.97kg -5cm
187cm 137mm 107mm 127mm 23.0m 1577mm 9.10lbs / 4.13kg -5cm

Full Rocker

Turns out full rocker is good - super good - for way more than big dumps and buttering into cliff drops. The Meridian series gives you the benefits of full rocker for inbounds, backcountry, and powder days.


Full length, knot free, in house laminated wood core gives this ski its unique blend of liveliness and dampening. All wood sourced in the USA.
The strongest and most durable sidewall material on the market ensures you have the best edge hold available while ripping the piste.
A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber helps give this ski its torsional rigidity along with added longitudinal pop.
Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes.
There are only handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source in Europe to offer the best edge possible. We do additional heat treating and bonding prep in house to make sure your edge stays sharper, lasts longer and can handle a beating.
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Olin P.
United States United States
These things are wild.

I can’t really compare the meridians to any other ski I’ve skied, they’re somehow surfy, while still having the effective edge to really carve turns through the gnar. They don’t have the pop you would experience from a cambered ski when ripping groomers, but on the meridians, you don’t miss the pop. The experience is impossible to describe in the best way. Have fun, ski backwards, do a stunt, these skis are not for the faint of heart.

Andrew M.
United States United States
Playful Inbounds Crusher

A ski that can charge this hard shouldn't be so easy to pivot, spin, and slash; yet somehow the Meridian is. It actually coaxes me into a more playful style of skiing at any speed. Lay it over and those edges dig in, or keep it bases flat and whip the ski into whatever sort of turn or skid you can think of. This is my new favorite quiver-of-one for inbounds charging. Or inbounds cruising. Deep or low tide. The Meridian doesn't really seem to care.

Andrew C.
Canada Canada
The Most Fun All Mountain Ski Available

This is truly the most fun all mountain ski I've ever ridden. It has been my go to for about 10 days out now. As mentioned in other reviews, this ski rips on pretty much everything. It took a couple laps to get used to the full rocker, but once you figure it out, it's unreal. The Meridian is an awesome daily driver. Slashes pow, bounces through bumps, mows through chop, and rips groomers better than any other ski I've owned at this width. It's very stable at speed, and when you lay it on edge, it's like you're driving on a frickin train track. This ski is also a great landing platform for any jumps or drops you can throw at it. The only conditions it doesn't absolutely excel in are sections of complete ice, and those very rare suuuuper deep days. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a daily driver that is quick, nimble, yet can truck through almost anything, and is surprisingly stable at speed (when on edge, it seriously doesn't have a speed limit). This ski is not hyped enough, and I wish more people would try it!!! I know I'm glad I did!!!

Dan J.
United States United States
Buy these

These skis are amazing!. It took me a few days to fid the sweet spot, ski them pretty neutral and they do everything. As expected they pivot through tight, steep, and/or bumped out terrain no problem. They carve much better than I anticipated a full rocker ski to carve, lay them over and they hook right up. They bust through chop and crud, no problem despite feeling pretty light on my feet. They are super playful and inspiring when jibbing around on side hits or in the park. I mounted them on the line and they feel great, didn't experience any of the issues that were discussed in the Blister review. I really hope Moment never stops making this ski, I see the Meridian as my go to for years to come.

Emma G.
United States United States
Party party!

I don't understand this ski. It's full rocker, stiffer than a week old baguette, and it's a full-on party. If you ski out West, this is the money for a daily driver. I've skied this model several times and love it so much that I've added the 117 and the Tour editions from last season to my quiver. On hardpack, icy snow, it can be a little sketchy, but that's not what it's intended for. Put it on steep groomers with a little soft snow, and you'll be hauling ass down to the bottom. Just make sure to keep it on edge! For that reason, it can be a little demanding, so it's not for the faint of heart. It CHARGES. The farther over you can lay it on edge, the more your turn shape will change, and I will say as someone who still enjoys carving, it carves beautifully. Off trail, it's so damn easily to throw it sideways, plow through chop, and - most importantly - send it off a cliff into space and never return. It has a pretty stiff tail (so don't get back seat), so you can really trust your landings and ride it out even when the snow isn't what you expected below. If you want to be faster than your friends, join the full rocker revolution and buy this ski already, dammit.