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Want to know a secret? Come closer.

The PB&J can ski anything.

Shh! Not so loud! We’re trying to sell skis, and that’s the kind of insider knowledge that could ruin a little company like ours. Fact is, if you have a pair of PB&J’s, you already know. Center mounted, it’s a stable-like-a-horse-house park ski. Mounted on the line, it’s a ripping all-mountain ski that can get down in the deep stuff without hooking you up. Somewhere in between, it’s a little bit of both, and a whole lot of fun. You owe it to yourself to ski a pair.



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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
162cm 129 101 121 15.0m 1279mm 7.05lbs / 3.20kg -5cm
172cm 129 101 121 18.0m 1379mm 7.55lbs / 3.42kg -5cm
182cm 129 101 121 21.0m 1479mm 8.60lbs / 3.90kg -5cm
188cm 129 101 121 23.0m 1539mm 8.95lbs / 4.06kg -5cm

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