Commander Series


As much as we’d love skiing to be all pow laps and soft ain’t.
In fact, more often than not it’s bumped out, chopped up, refrozen crap.
Let’s be honest that isn’t exactly the best for playing and surfin around all smooth like.

Whether it’s been a few weeks in between storms, the winds scoured everything in sight or everythings torn up because you slept in after gettin’ a lil wild last night, you need a ski with some spine. Maybe you’ve got an itch that only blistering high speeds and elbow burning turns can scratch. Or you need a strong tail for when you get a lil ambitious with your tranny snipin’ and end up halfway to the parking lot breaking the sound barrier.

Whichever it is, we’ve got a few ways to skin that cat. Four in fact.
The Commander series is here for you when you need a ski that’ll put you on it’s back and carry you through. Four widths, four different ways to push the envelope.
Directional shapes, flat tails, two sheets of metal, dual radius sidecuts so you can dump ‘em sideways in a hurry and a whole lot of horsepower to boot.
Rip cords sold separately.

Moment 19//20 Commander from MOMENT on Vimeo.