Seeking Nirvana Diaries January 30 2017

Plan’s change, people get busy, they grow up and at some point go looking for adventure.  Luckily I am able to do this with friends I have known for the past 18 years or more and counting.  With Seeking Nirvana’s second season underway there is no shortage of adventure, plan’s changing or being busy.  The growing up part is obviously up for debate but I feel we are on our way.    
This upcoming episode was planned to take place in Japan…  Unfortunately a high freezing level and heavy rain early in January forced us to make a decision to cancel the trip.  We more or less followed the wind and weather which brought us to a familiar place, although our sense of adventure was still intact so we could couldn't stay very long.      
We starting making plans, reading map’s, checking conditions and looking into past goals never accomplished, area’s never found or looked into.  BC’s plethora of logging and mining route’s are endless gateway’s to the mountains bounty.  We created our own treasure map to find our booty.     Seeking Nirvana is not only a series but a team nearly two decade’s in the making.  Second season coming very soon…
- Josh Bibby