Meridian Tour

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Turns out that full rocker is great for a whole lot more than hero pow and open-jacket switch pillow cliff drops. In fact, some would say it’s as good as it gets for a versatile touring ski. Don’t get it twisted though—this isn’t your extra-fat touring rig for the double overhead, it’s a touring workhorse. A stiff backbone with long and low fully rockered profile make the Meridian Tour exceptionally quick to pivot while still offering plenty of grip and fast engagement.

Perfect for mid-winter pow hunting weeks after a storm and exceptional for late-season corn harvests when sun cups and tree-welled exits make even the shortest late afternoon runouts treacherous at best.

So here you have it—the most requested touring ski that most of us keep under our feet. It’s a Meridian in all its fully-rockered glory, just trimmed up for the skin up. Oh, and with tips and tails that won’t scare your mother. Because apparently, that bothers most of you. 

  • Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
    181cm 137mm 107mm 127mm 21.0m 1517mm 7.69lbs / 3.49kg -5cm
    187cm 137mm 107mm 127mm 23.0m 1577mm 8.15lbs / 3.70kg -5cm

    • This is a general guideline and is only a basic suggestion of the proper size. Where you ski, how you ski, and what skis you've ridden in the past should be taken into consideration.
    • The Meridian is a stiff, fully rockered all mountain ski. This means it will maneuver easily while maintaining stability at speeds, don't be afraid to size up.
    • If you are still on the fence and ski confidently and aggressively size up. If you ski more conservatively or timidly size down.
    • Beginner assumes a basic understanding of and ability to ski. For those who have never skied or cannot ski down runs without falling we recommend renting/demoing to start.
    If you are unsure, have questions, or feel your recommended size is incorrect, please chat, call or email us. We are happy to discuss specific sizing based on your build, skiing style, and existing quiver / past skis.

    Skier Height Skier Height (cm) Beginner Intermediate Advanced Playful Advanced Charger
    5'3" 161cm x x x x
    5'4" 163cm x x x x
    5'5" 166cm x x x x
    5'6" 168cm x x x x
    5'7" 171cm x x x 181cm
    5'8" 173cm x x 181cm 181cm
    5'9" 176cm x 181cm 181cm 181cm
    5'10" 178cm 181cm 181cm 181cm 181cm
    5'11" 181cm 181cm 181cm 181cm 187cm
    6'0" 183cm 181cm 181cm 181cm 187cm
    6'1" 186cm 181cm 181cm 187cm 187cm
    6'2" 188cm 181cm 187cm 187cm 187cm
    6'3" 191cm 187cm 187cm 187cm 187cm
    6'4" 194cm 187cm 187cm 187cm 187cm
    6'5" 196cm 187cm 187cm 187cm 187cm
    6'6" 199cm 187cm 187cm 187cm 187cm

Full Rocker


Full length, knot free, vertically laminated in house. Our unique touring oriented core offers unrivaled energy in an ultralight package. No hollow dead feeling here. The real deal, just light on its feet so you can go back for more.

Extruded sidewalls constructed of modified Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) provide stiffness, dampening, and durability, which allow for more impact resistance and easier repairs that stay put so you can bring the abuse year after year, season after season.

A combination of custom lighter triaxial and carbon fiber designed to compliment our touring cores makes the uphill easier without sacrificing fun on the way back down.

We use a textured nylon topsheet material enhanced with sublimated graphics‒a non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to silkscreen. We chose this topsheet material to ensure optimal durability and impact resistance while maintaining crisp and bright graphics.

Skis are tools not treasures and that means they need to take a beating which is why use carbon infused sintered UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene). Harder, faster and with better wax absorption and retention than extruded bases this is the industry leader for performance and longevity.

Rubberized VDS foil is placed at strategic locations throughout the construction to increase bond strength and provide vibration damping for more stability and increased control.

There are only a handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source for the best of the best. We use only 2.2mm Rockwell 48 hardened steel edges. Heat treated additionally in house to ensure you get nothing but the absolute most out of your skis.