Voyager XV Evo


The Moment Voyager XV Evo is the touring binding you—and we—have been waiting for.

Three years ago we began work with ATK on the Voyager platform: the most advanced tech binding on the market. While we couldn’t be happier, it can be made better.

Enter the Voyager XV Evo. Stronger, burlier, and badder. All-new architecture provides independently adjustable toe release, lower-profile heel, stronger automatic brakes, and a redesigned Freeride Spacer—dramatically increasing composure, elasticity, power transmission, and serviceability. The all-new Voyager platform sets a new standard for the most aggressive skiers—redefining the limits of what is possible on tech bindings.

The Voyager platform overcomes the shortcomings present in every other tech binding—suspension between heel and toe pins and the ever-present heel gap. By eliminating this gap and ensuring constant interface between the full width of the boot and ski the Voyager provides power transmission and edge hold not possible with any other tech binding.

While most tech bindings incorporate higher ramp (lifting the heel substantially above the toe) the Voyager has a flatter, freeride-oriented stance, allowing for a more natural athletic position, providing more power and easier pivoting on wider, rockered, modern skis and freetouring boots.

With an oversized platform, low-ramp Freeride Stance Geometry, unmatched elasticity,  dual-axis independently-adjustable heel, fully adjustable toe release, and full serviceability—all in an ultra-light package, the Voyager XV Evo blurs the line between aggressive freeride and light, efficient, freetouring like no binding we have ever seen, and like nothing you’ve ever skied. Meaning you can push the most powerful tech binding on the market even harder.

Nothing beyond reach.

  • Release range 7-15
    Adjustment range 25mm
    Weight 438g with brakes and hardware
    Heel/Toe Drop 7mm
    Stack height Toe: 38mm / Heel: 45mm
    Elastic Travel 14mm
    Active Forward Pressure Yes
    Climbing Modes 3
    Materials 7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel and POM

  • Voyager User Guide

    Voyager Paper Template