Roller Ski Bag

If you’re anything like us then you pack a ski bag A LOT, and if that’s the case, chances are you’re as frustrated with your bags as we were. Has anyone that’s made a ski bag ever actually packed one for more than a weekend getaway? Our guess is no.

We've all done it, packing extra towels to protect our skis, inside a bag we just bought, that was specifically designed guessed it...protect our skis.

After an unsuccessful search for the perfect bag, and for purely selfish reasons, we made our own. Following a few months of being constantly berated by friends and family, we’re begrudgingly letting you in on the action.

The Roller Ski Bag has anything and everything you could need and plenty that we decided you should want in your ski bag. We couldn’t quite make the light-up wheels happen, but we did trick it out with everything you could ask for (and plenty you didn’t) in a ski bag.

This bag holds everything you need for that much deserved ski trip, with room for multiple pairs for a wide range of conditions, because who trusts the weatherman anyways.