Voyager Carbon Poles

Seeing as so many of you (and us) have been meticulously wrapping the freeride poles with handlebar grip tape and carving notches into the grip to flip heel risers, we figure we may as well accept the fact that there are features you want in a touring pole that you won’t find in one more resort-focused.

Rather than just slap those features onto our existing freeride pole piecemeal, we went ahead and did it all proper. After all, if we’re going to take the time to build touring-specific skis and develop a touring-specific binding, stands to reason that poles deserve the same treatment.

That’s where the Voyager pole comes in. A full carbon build (for you bean counters out there) keeps things lightweight. While an ergonomic grip extends down the shaft for your side-hilling and center-punching pleasure and adjustable length for varying conditions. And of course, a push-button strap release (no cutting necessary) and heel-flap hook so you can skip the morning stretch routine—Oh, and carbide tips with interchangeable/replaceable baskets because we both know how much y’all like to lose and break things.

Now you’re out of excuses. Nothing beyond reach.
  • Material Carbon
    Adjustability 100cm to 140cm
    Handle Extended grip, adjustable strap
    Pokey End Carbide tip, replaceable baskets
    Origin Made in Austria