Cruising with the top down, chatting on the cordless, checking our look in the mirror, popping screw-top bottles and dating plus-sized models. Pretty close to perfection. This “Ski Industry” thing is easy.

That might have been us, once. Not anymore.

Welcome to 2014/2015, the year of revolution in refinement. We’ve discovered new materials and developed new construction techniques. We’ve been in the lab, tweaking designs, analyzing the data, crunching the numbers and focusing the lasers, creating clear delineation across terrain, conditions, and desired attributes. We’ve slated more time for development, built a wind tunnel, burned it down then built it again. Sniper-style ski production: one shot, one kill. The result is our most cohesive ski collection ever.

And it’s about time you got with the program. Time you got in shape, got a haircut, bought a suit and tie, some shoes. Keep it conservative—nothing flashy. Cut out the partying. Take it down a notch. This is serious business, and honestly, we expect more from someone with your potential.

Just kidding, actually. We don’t plan on changing. Neither should you.

Stay awesome,