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  • The Frankenski concentrates everything you want in a jib ski into a beam of pure mutant radiation. A bamboo core, Triple Camber, and semi-cap construction combine to create a street-stalking feature slayer that can take every bit of punishment it dishes out.

    The personal favorite of Dr. Unholy Smoothness, Anton Linden, this monster is made for jibbin’, pressin’, poppin’ and stompin’ everything in sight.

    Mahalo you fuckin’ surfers.
  • Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (pair) Mount
    172cm 121mm 98mm 121mm 18.5m 1263mm 8.14lbs / 3.69kg Center
    182cm 121mm 98mm 121mm 21.0m 1363mm 8.34lbs / 3.78kg Center
    Full length, knot free, vertically laminated in house. Our full bamboo core provides dampness, extra pop and a longer flex profile for more playful riding and more composure when you don’t quite put it to bolts.
    Extruded sidewalls constructed of modified Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) provide stiffness, dampening, durability. Allow for more impact resistance and easier repairs that stay put so you can bring the abuse year after year, season after season.
    A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber for torsional rigidity and longitudinal pop, with additional lightweight glass and vibration dampening rubber for hard landings and repeated impacts.
    Hands down the most durable base on the market. Dont worry about those snow snakes.
    2.2 EURO EDGE
    There are only a handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source for the best of the best. We use only 2.2mm Rockwell 48 hardened steel edges. Heat treated additionally in house to ensure you get nothing but the absolute most out of your skis.

Triple Camber Twin Rocker

Rocker at the tip and tail, low center camber and two sections of micro-camber embedded in front of and behind the binding. Rocker and low camber let the ski surf and slash in powder, while micro-camber sections create focused edge pressure on hardpack for carving.

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