Meridian - 20//21

The phrase “full rocker” might call up memories of middle-aged tourists learning how to ski powder and new-schoolers in XXXL cargo pants doing switch pillow drops. And while that is definitely a thing that happened, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over.


The Meridian is here to prove that what you remember is only a fraction of what full rocker can really do. By eliminating the soft midsection and narrow mindset of those proto-era designs, what you get is a ski that’s ready to charge the whole mountain and pay cash for the damage: stiff from tip to tail, with a long, low-rise rocker profile that rips through chop and carves firm snow without a hint of chatter or tip flap. At the same time, all of the pivoting, smearing, and surfing skills that made full rocker popular back in the ‘00s are still on offer, making the Meridian a weird and wonderful contradiction that can ski literally anything, anytime. It’s an oxymoron that has attracted a dedicated and diverse following of big-mountain experts, freestyle freakshows, and every skier type in between. This is full rocker at its full potential, and it has a posse. Join up or stay asleep.