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It wasn’t long after we made the Deathwish that we put touring bindings on a pair and took them up the skin track. That was the inspiration behind the Underworld: a Triple Camber touring ski that’s easier to haul uphill, but just as fun on the way down. To keep it light, we made it narrower, gave it our Low Fat Layup, and shaved a bit off the ends as we flattened out the tip and tail. That way, you get the same performance from a shorter, lighter ski, and that means more laps per day.  

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge  Weight (pair) Mount 
161cm 130 104 121 19.0m 1258mm 6.45lbs / 2.92kg 88cm from tip
171cm 132 106 123 22.0m 1358mm 6.90lbs / 3.12kg 93cm from tip
181cm 132 106 123 25.0m 1458mm 7.35lbs / 3.33kg 98cm from tip
187cm 132 106 123 27.0m 1518mm 7.80lbs / 3.53kg 101cm from tip

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